2016 Advanced Practitioner Conference

Day 1
Thursday, March 17, 2016

Coding for Advanced Practitioners

Learn the components of service codes (CPT) to allow for appropriate billing for advanced practitioners and learn the appropriate application of diagnosis codes with relevance to the service code.

Volume Management in Hemodialysis

Learn what’s involved in a pulmonary assessment and understand the physiological affects of fluid volume overload. Learn the characteristics of normal and abnormal results and find out options for volume...
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Transplantation Evaluation

Understand the transplant evaluation process, who qualifies as candidates, and what the evaluation entails including cardiac evaluation.
10:20 am


Renal Pathology

Analyze case presentations with attention to kidney biopsy results and describe common findings in those biopsies that lead to proper diagnosis and treatment while understanding the advanced practitioner’s role in...
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12:30 pm

Break for Lunch

Dosing in Chronic Kidney Disease

Many drugs including over the counter medications can cause injury to the kidney. Knowing what medications cause kidney injury, how this injury occurs and presents itself, and how to prevent...
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Fistula First vs. Catheter Last

The new 5 star rating system is out, and it includes measures on fistula vs. catheter use. Learn about the QIP measures relevant to AVFs and catheter use, and how they...
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Discuss the challenges and management of patients with ESRD and chronic liver disease to include a discussion regarding hemodynamic status and the increased risk of bleeding.